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English Language Development Team

About ELD

About English Language Development

What is ELD (English Language Development)?

The purpose of ELD is to help students with the academic English they will need to be successful throughout their school career.

Why does my child receive ELD services?

The ELD department receives copies of student enrollment forms when a home language other than English is listed. If it is clear that English is not the student’s dominant language, an assessment is given to determine English proficiency. Scores below a level 5 (Proficient) qualify a student for ELD services.

How long can my child be in ELD?

Students are assessed annually with a state English Language Proficiency Assessment or ELPA, which measures language progress according to the following proficiency levels: emerging, progressing, proficient. A student will continue to receive ELD services until he/she reaches a Proficient level on ELPA.

What does ELD class consist of?

There are two ways in which ELD services are delivered at Bridgeport, through co-teaching (push-in) or a pull-out class. Co-teaching involves an ELD teacher and a classroom teacher providing language-rich instruction by teaching together during content time (science, social studies, health) or SEL. Students who don't receive ELD services through co-teaching attend a 30-minute pull-out small group daily, which targets listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.